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Summer music camps are now available at Jammit Music in Brantford.


Is your child spending too much time playing video games?...

Shouldn't they be involved in an activity that's creative?...

Is learning music one of the most beautiful, creative and healthy endeavors possible?...

You can find a handy Quick Reference Guide for our Summer Lesson programs HERE

And a copy of our Camp Enrollment Form HERE

Week1 - July 6- 10
Week2 - July 13 - 17
Week3 - Aug 10 - 14
Week4 - Aug 17 - 21


Learn to play guitar from scratch and make new friends in a fun week-long beginner camp.

YOU CAN DO IT! In this fun and focused beginner guitar camp, our enthusiastic instructors will help your child learn the basics of beginner guitar without being intimidated even if you child has never held an instrument before. Did you know that learning to play an instrument improves test scores, helps students with higher math achievement, builds self confidence, and improves coordination and problem-solving?

In this fun and focused camp, our enthusiastic instructors will help your child learn the basics of beginner guitar without being intimidated even if you child has never held an instrument before.

And we can even supply a loaner instrument. Kids get to spent quality time out of the house, learn an instrument, socialize and make new friends! Taking part in this week-long camp could be the beginning of a lifetime's worth of creative joy with no risk! :)

One Week Camp
Half-day each day
Monday thru Friday

These group lessons are held in one of our comfortable professional studios. There is a maximum of 8 students allowed in the class so each individual can get specific help if needed.

One of our friendly instructors will cover the basics which include:

  • Holding the guitar and posture
  • Holding a pick
  • String names and guitar anatomy
  • Understanding reference materials for later
  • How to play a basic melody, picking a single string
  • Fundamental chord shapes
  • Basic strumming and rhythm
  • Playing chords together

Materials include songbook and a workbook. We will provide a healthy snack for the students each day. There's also a performance for parents at the end of the last class to show what your child has learned. This is always a great source of pride for everyone :)

You have two convenient calendar times to choose from:

Morning Classes
Week1 - July 6- 10

8:30am to 12:00pm


Afternoon Classes
Week3 - Aug 10 - 14

12:30pm to 4:00pm

$179.00 per student for the week

Ages 7 to 12
Maximum class size: 8

Wouldn't you want your child learning a skill that lasts a lifetime and is extremely inexpensive?...


In one week your child will be jamming like an expert even if they've never played in a group.

Join our Band Camp this season and make new friends! In one week you'll be jamming like an expert even if you've never played in a group! What's cooler than saying you're a rockstar? Someone pointing at you and saying "That guy's a ROCKSTAR!"...

Playing by yourself is one thing but playing with others in the real world is an entirely different dynamic. Learning to work together as a group and anticipating the flow of music in a live setting has its own special thrill.
And many musicians have created life-long relationships from working with others whether it's in a band or just by showing up to an informal jam .

If your child needs a new challenge or could benefit from being inspired this is a great class. Students can get to see their own musical ability jump by leaps and bounds just by working within a group context.
We've had many thankful parents come to us and tell us that their child has really benefitted from being involved in learning an instrument and more so from being part of an organized group.

One Week Camp
A Full-day each day
Monday thru Friday

Learn to play your part in familiar songs! This is a fun active class where students get to interact musically and create new relationships. Each class is a full day from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm with a break for lunch.

Our instructor will carefully pick material that suits the group so that everyone can be on the same footing musically. You will also get to pick a crazy band name, every band has to have a name, right?
We're also careful to select students of the same approximate age group so that the players are more compatible.

There will be openings for guitar, bass, drums and percussion, keyboards and vocals! Lessons will be held in one of our own fully equipped studios. We'll supply the drum set, keyboard and amps. If you play guitar or bass just bring your own instrument and picks. If you're a drummer bring your favourite set of sticks. Vocalists and keyboard players need not bring anything other than smiles, we'll take care of the rest :)
There's only a maximum of 6 student allowed per group so book early!

While in the class the instructor will also focus on other essential elements of playing within a group:

  • Focus on steady beats and consistency
  • Basic rhythms, 12-bar form and improvisation
  • Developing stage presence for performance
  • Song structure, individual sections of a song
  • Using volume and dynamics effectively

Materials include song sheets and a workbook. We will provide a healthy snack for the students each day. We will hold a performance for parents in our large waiting area at the end of the last class to show what your child has learned. Again, this is always a great source of pride for everyone involved and a great opportunity to record your child performing, either with video or with pictures.

You have two convenient calendar times to choose from:

Week2 - July 13- 17
8:30am to 4:00pm


Week3 - Aug 17 - 21
8:30am to 4:00pm

$299.00 per student for the week

Ages 10 to 16
Maximum class size: 6

Will your child benefit from increased focus and concentration?...

Things you should know about our camps:

Interest for our camps is expected to be high this season!
To secure a spot, a $50.00 deposit is required absolutely no later than 3 weeks before class and the remainder of the payment due the week prior to the camp. There are NO TAXES on any of our camps, yay! And, come tax time, the fees can be used towards the Children's Activity Tax Credit! (CATC) http://www.fin.gov.on.ca/en/Credit/catc/index.html

All camps are held in our own private studio environment at Jammit Music.
We will provide healthy drinks, bottled water and fruit juice, plus a healthy snack, fresh fruit and cereal bars for all camps. For the full day camps, please bring your own bag lunch to keep your energy up!

Parents, please make sure students are at the class at least 10 minutes before the class starts! Parents should also be ready to pick up students promptly at the end of class.

Will playing an instrument create joy?...
Shouldn't your child be taking music lessons at Jammit Music?

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